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Tank Maintenance

We can assist with customizing and maintaining the look of your new or existing aquarium! If this is your first aquarium or one you'd like to upgrade, we would be happy to provide a free quote and suggestions for creating a unique look for your aquascape. Plant selection, rockery, and different colors of gravel can make your aquascape the focal point of the room. Our years of experience also allow us to guide customers in selecting varieties of fish that will cohabit well together.

Our maintenance program includes a variety of products and services. For example, typical monthly maintenance for an aquarium would include:

  • Bi-weekly visits

  • Cleaning/rotation of aquatic decorations (photos on our website show examples of coral, plants, rocks, and shells that we provide to our customers)

  • Gravel-vac water change

  • Water chemistry testing (e.g. PH, alkalinity, nitrates/nitrites, ammonia, salinity)

  • Replacing of fish, food products (freeze-dried or frozen as appropriate), and equipment as needed 

  • Monthly billing for products and services (invoiced at the end of the month)

Rates start at $140/mo for fresh water aquariums and $165/mo for salt water; for tanks over 100 gallons, additional charge is 50 cents per gallon.

Additional Details:

  • Access to a sink and water will be required during servicing.

  • Service will be scheduled on an appointment basis within a 2 hour window. If service is not possible (i.e. site is not accessible) or is refused, we will return at the next appointed time (i.e. after two weeks) and the missed appointment will be invoiced.

  • Cleaning of rotating plants and decorations are done in large batches at our shop, disinfected using bleach and rinsed before returning them to the tank on the next visit.

  • Decorations provided as part of the service maintenance package are the property of Blue Sea Aquariums and are not to be removed from the aquarium. If lost or altered, Blue Sea Aquariums will reserve the right to invoice for the affected item(s).

  • Fish / foods and decoration must be supplied and introduced exclusively by Blue Sea Aquariums in order to prevent contamination from outside fish and compatibility between species/types. We take no liability for damages to fish or aquarium equipment if outside elements are introduced to the environment.

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