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Our Story

Serving the Puget Sound Region Since 1949


John Gamache started his own company in 1949, called “Aquarium Maintenance”. This company was the first of its kind in the Seattle area--John built custom aquariums by hand in the garage, some of them big enough for his sons to swim in. These aquariums were found in doctors offices, restaurants like the historic WHARF restaurant and IVAR’S in Mukilteo, and multiple upscale residences. He was also the first in the Seattle area to import live brine shrimp from California for use as fish food in his clients sea life exhibits.

In 1962 John and an acquaintance partnered to open the Seattle Marine Aquarium on Pier 56. John built the aquariums and managed the sea life, while his partner handled the business operations.

John, an amateur ichthyologist (the branch of zoology that deals with fish), taught his trade in the maintenance of fresh and saltwater tanks and fish to his son Paul. Upon his passing in 1999 the business was passed down to Paul, who renamed it Blue Sea Aquariums.

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