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Custom Setups

We offer custom aquariums in addition to standard-sized, locally-purchased tanks in a variety of high quality materials including acrylic and glass, as well as fresh water and salt water types. Not sure which type of tank you want to buy? Check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page to learn about the differences.

Stands and canopies can be built to order in a variety of wood types (oak, birch, maple, etc.) and finishes (stained/painted/laminated, etc.). Let us know if you have a specific custom look you're going for.

If you want something more unique than a free-standing aquarium, a tank can be built into your wall for a see-through effect that can be viewed from different rooms and angles.

We can also install auto-feed systems for your aquarium to keep your pets fed while you're away.

Our quotes include the following components:

  • Aquarium/Tank

  • Furniture (Cabinet/Canopy)

  • Filtering and Associated Equipment

Additional notes for our custom setups:

  • Quotes for custom aquariums take approximately one week.

  • 50% down payment is required at the time of order.

  • Blue Sea Aquariums will install new, high-quality equipment to the system to ensure optimal performance for the aquarium. 

  • Typical equipment will include: filter sump, water and air pumps, heaters, protein skimmers, UV sterilizers, lamps and timers, fittings/hoses/valves.

  • All products will carry a manufacturers warranty.

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